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Product: fiberglass chopped strand mat


Description: fiberglass chopped strand mat is an non-woven E or C-glass fiberglass fabric manufactured by spreading continuous filament roving of 50 mm in length randomly and uniformly in combination with polyester binder in power form (or other binder in emulsion form).


Features: good combination of resin, easy operation, good wet strength retention, good laminate transparency and low cost.



Glass type: E glass and C glass chopped strand mat

Bond type: powder or emulsion

Density: 80 g/m^2-900g/m^2

Normal types: 180g/m^2, 225g/m^2,300g/m^2,450g/m^2, 600g/m^2

Bond content: 100g/m^2(10%-15%),300g/m^2,450g/m^2,600g/m^2(4%-6%)

Roll width: 200mm-2600mm

Normal types:750mm, 1040mm, 1250mm, 1270mm, 1450mm

Roll weight: 28kgs-55kgs

Normal types: 28kgs, 30kgs, 35kgs.


Application: hand lay-up FRP moldings, such as, various sheets and panels, boat hulls, boat tubs, cooling towers, corrosion resistant, vehicles.

Deposited: It should be stored in dry, cool, clean and rainproof area. Recommended temperature range of storage is between 15-30 and relative humidity between 40%-70%.MOQ:2000kg


Product name: fiberglass stitch combo mat


Description: fiberglass stitch combo mat is made of woven roving and chopped strands by craftworks of stitching.


Features: High strength and light weight and multi-direction

         Easy to wet-out by resin.

Application:  It is compatible with polyester, vinyl, phenol, resin and epoxy resin.

            Hand lay-up and RTM processes.

            Boat industry

            Typical end-use application include FRP boat hulls, automotive housings and doors, laminates, cooling apparatus and structural shapes.

Data: Weight :( g/m^2 ): 800---1250

     Moisture: <= 0.4%

     Combustible content:  -20%---+20%

     Width (mm): 100---1600